Steel Shop Information

Contractor's Engineer Incorporated (CEI) has a steel shop where we construct steel formwork, support structures, work platforms, and other miscellaneous steel pieces. The steel shop has 9,000 SF of space. Employs welders and ironworkers to build the steel projects.

Below is a couple of examples of projects that the CEI steel shop built for the Paseo Bridge project in Kansas City, Mo which was finished in 2011. Click the links below the viewer to switch between the projects.

Tool Carrier  •   Work Platform

The tool carrier was built to attach to a ladder that was built inside the bridge piers and would be pulled to the top of the pier by a winch system. This carrier will be used to carry tools to free the workers hands up to climb the ladder. The work platform made finishing the concrete easier because it was built to match the angle of the bridge pier, which allowed the construction workers to stand on a level surface.

Steel Shop

Neodesha, Kansas

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